The workshop « Couleurspapier », located in the south of the Tarn (France), invites you to discover its collection of « fancy papers » manufactured according to processes used since the 18th century.

« Couleurspapier » was inspired by these techniques, developed and adapted them to contemporary tastes to offer more choices in patterns and colors.

« Couleurspapier » offers unique pieces made with professional pigment inks. Only the primary colors are used to create the tints. This makes it possible to have deeper blacks and richer dark colors.

The papers used vary according to the projects, all of high quality:
Hahnemüele vergé, Fabriano vergé, Japanese paper, etc., they constitute an element of decoration in themselves. They also offer a solidity that is suitable for bookbinding, framing, or cartonnage.

« Couleurspapier » is at your disposal for any particular order:
Colours, themes, choice of shades (ex: book with cover), pattern...